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Erlival Grey Water Detergent 2L (Lily of the Valley)


Chemical liquid for grey water with high detergent, strong cleansing and sanitizing power. A highly effective fluid for the grey-water tank, with excellent cleaning and deodorizing power. ERLIVAL grey water removes deposits and suppresses the unpleasant smells from showers, washbasins and sinks, leaving a pleasant FLOWER fragrance. Use it also in the flush-water tank to ensure a smoother flush.


Lily of the valley fragrance

Reduces the contamination of fats

Prevents bad smells

Can be used for flushing portable toilets keeping the water of the same sanitized leaving a protective layer on the cup and improving the hygiene of the WC

Directions of use:

Before storing your caravan or motorhome, we recommend using ERIVAL grey water, which offers the best performance for all tanks, by keeping them sanitized and cleaned, thus avoiding that small organic deposit/liquid may originate slime and unpleasant smells. Pour 100 ml ERLIVAL grey water in a rinsed-out tank and fill it up with at least 5L lukewarm water. Shake the tank several times back and forth, then set it down and leave for at least 12 hours. After emptying, your tank will be as good as new. Allow the tank to dry, by leaving the blade open. (It is recommended to clean the tanks at least twice a year).

To clean the exhaust pipes and prepare the tank to receive 50L of grey water: pour 70ml of Erlival directly into the drains (sink kitchen, sink, shower tray in the bathroom) and after a few minutes, add 1L of water. For tanks of 100L: pour another 70ml of Erlival.

Vehicle storage: to keep the tank sanitized and clean, after having thoroughly rinsed it proceed as instructed and do not rinse at the time of re-use.

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