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Thetford Duo Tank Cleaner 800ml (12)


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Concentrated periodical cleaner that removes scale, encrusting and grease deposits from the waste-holding tank and grey water tank.

Why choose Thetford Dual Tank Cleaner?

  • Removes scale, encrusting and grease deposits
  • No scrubbing required!
  • Technical parts inside the tanks are cleaned as well
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the tanks
  • Convenient small bottle

Product Usage:
Use in the waste holding-tank, | 1. Add 200ml to the empty tank | 2. Add 5L of luke warm water | 3. Shake tank vigorously.

Use in the grey water tank: |1. Add 600ml to the empty tank via the sink or shower drain. | 2. Add 50L of luke warm water. | 3. Drive with your RV for at least 1h, in order to cover all surfaces of the tank.

For both tanks: Empty after at least 16 hours at a designated location.


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