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utrack UT810-4G GPS Tracker


This UT810-4G GPS Tracker carries all the same easy to use features as the self-contained units and can be used on the same platform. Below are the extra features of the unit with it being a hard-wired system.

Utrack GPS trackers New Zealand provide a sim card will be supplied with $20 credit and configured for New Zealand networks ready to use. You must register your phone number with the tracker as soon as you receive it.

Utrack GPS Trackers New Zealand recommend this 4G GPS tracker should you want a hard wired 4G option. It hosts some extra features that you will only find with a hard-wired unit.

If you suspect your vehicle is stolen, then you have the option to shut the vehicle down via a SMS and only you can enable the vehicle again. This is most commonly done by disabling the fuel pump.
Utrack – GPS Trackers New Zealand provide full after sales support via phone or email.



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