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SpiceCraft Original Salt Rocks Grinder


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Our number 1 top seller!
SpiceCraft Original Salt Rocks Grinder 80gm

Smoked Marlborough Sea salt, garlic, tarragon, coriander, and a touch of chili.
Every home needs our Original Salt Rocks.
Use on absolutely everything, if its food, the chances are it will benefit from a generous dose of our Original Salt Rocks.
Great on poached eggs, chicken, fish, salads, avocado, tomatoes…everything!
Use instead of plain old boring salt and pepper.

WARNING – This is addictive.

Ingredients in alphabetical order: allspice, bay leaf, black peppercorns, cardamom, celery seed, chilli, chives, cloves, coriander seed, garlic, ginger, hickory smoke, mace, mustard, nutmeg, pink peppercorns, sea salt, smoked paprika, tarragon, white peppercorns.

Blended by SpiceCraft, in their own facility, from the highest quality local and imported ingredients.

Gluten free, diary free, soy free, msg free, vegan.


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